Feedbibz Sachet

Feedbibz Sachet

Product Description

Feedbibz Sachet is a scientifically formulated supplement designed to support lactation in breastfeeding mothers. It combines a blend of natural ingredients known to enhance milk production and provide essential nutrients to both mother and baby. This supplement aims to address lactation failure and ensure that nursing mothers have the support they need to maintain a healthy breastfeeding experience.

Key Ingredients

  • Asparagus Racemosus ext.: A well-known herb in Ayurvedic medicine, Shatavari is renowned for its galactagogue properties, which help increase milk supply.
  • Pueraria Tuberosa ext. : Mammogenesis, Increases Breast Milk Production and ejection
  • Leptadenia Reticulata ext.: Increases milk ejection reflex.
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra ext.: Increases Breast milk quantity and enhance immunity.
  • Folic Acid: Healthy cell differentiation and proliferation
  • Vitamin B6: Essential nutrient for neurodevelopment
  • Vitamin D3 : For Healthy Bones & Immunity
  • Algal DHA: For healthy Brain & neurodevelopment.
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  • To enhance lactation in breastfeeding mothers
  • For mothers experiencing low milk supply


The typical recommended dosage is one sachet daily mixed with liquid and consumed preferably with a meal. The dosage may be adjusted based on individual health needs and healthcare provider's recommendation.


  • Promotes healthy milk production
  • Provides essential nutrients for nursing mothers and their babies
  • Supports overall maternal health during the lactation period


  • Consult a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking other medications.
  • Not intended for use by non-lactating women.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


FeedBibz Sachet is a specialized supplement designed to support lactation and enhance milk production in breastfeeding mothers. With a blend of natural galactagogue and essential nutrients, it aims to provide comprehensive support for a healthy breastfeeding experience. By addressing lactation challenges, FeedBibz helps ensure that both mother and baby receive the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding.